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Love Notes From God by Joe Sefron

Love Notes from God
Joseph Charles Scott

Paperback - 170 pages - ISBN 1442185759
God writes you love notes all the time, they appear in Scripture, in a thought, through a person, in the form of a conversation, an experience of grace when unexpected, a tug on your heart, a short miraculous tale, through prayer or even in the form of a book. And I want to share some of those love notes with you that I have encountered, because I know he has also given them to you. This's not a revolution. It is not a is not about you following some formula. It's not about story telling but it is about feeling God's peace; an invitation; let the Lord reveal his love for you.
Joe Daddy's Place is dedicated to provide inspirational stories, messages of courage and hope, and methods to move beyond an existence of pain, addictions, and lost purpose. 

About the Author

Joseph Scott lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Joe writes from his heart and from his deepest desire to help give others hope. His self proclaimed mantra is: Move Forward, Forgive Forward, Pay It Forward, Be Forward.

Joe is currently working on his future book releases of "Lies From The Enemy" and "No More Excuses.

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